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Philosophy of Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong

Most people have the ability to gain the skills necessary to safely and competently drive a motor vehicle, providing they have an instructor who is prepared to work with them, creating a safe learning environment for them. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. We want to empower our learners to be pro-active in their learning experience.

Comments often made to new client:

You are paying me to be nice to you
You are paying to drive my car
You are paying me to teach you to drive

All our cars have dual controls and the instructors are extremely competent at using them.
Helping people learn and understand road law, and gain a Learner Permit
Helping learners understand the purpose of the Hazard Perception Test. The HPT is an observation and reaction test, and you click on the mouse button to give your reaction.
To give the new learner the skills and confidence to brake, accelerate and steer without having a crash. This enables the learner driver to safely operate a vehicle when practicing under supervision.
To further develop the skills of the learner driver, such as
Lane changing
Intersection approach
Anticipation of hazards
Freeway entry
Night driving
Shopping centre parking
Defensive skills
Preparation for drive test, understanding and driving to test criteria. Mirror checking and observation skills are a major test issue
Auto to manual. The following skills are vital when learning how to drive a manual car
Caravan, boat and trailer towing. Reversing a trailer looks easy when done by a skilled driver. Simple techniques are taught to make reversing easy

Defensive/advanced skills. Anticipating a potentially dangerous situation and responding early can prevent many a car crash.

Slow learners and those with learning difficulties have special challenges. Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong instructors are patient and skilled at understanding and meeting their learning needs.

Those with physical disabilities occasionally need additional accessories for example a “Spinner” - a knob which bolts to the steering wheel allowing it to be turned with one hand. A left foot accelerator can also be fitted.

Motor bike training is conducted in the safety of an 'off road' location.  Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong is proud to provide the skills of a professional motor bike rider with John Thomas. It is a major leap to ride a bike on the road and John’s expertise enables a smooth transition from “off-road” to “on-road”.

Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong was registered as a Business in 1993.

Prior to this Denis and Ann had been instructing for a major Driving School and noticed the “freedom” gained by many clients after getting their license. They could go shopping without waiting for 'hubby' to come home and take the kids to school.  Teens were able to take themselves to school or work meaning parents were no longer “mum’s taxi”.  Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong was launched.


Denis DIA Licence no 059  mobile 0419 522 734
Married to Ann, father to 2 teenagers
Teaches both manual (Corolla) and automatic (Camry)
Worked as a handyman-gardener before training as a driving instructor 20 years ago
Denis recognises that each client is an individual and seeks to meet their specific needs. Many who felt they would never achieve a license have seen themselves pass that dreaded test!

Accredited METEC instructor
Accredited Keys2Drive instructor
Certificate IV Driving Instruction
Certificate IV Training & Assessment
B Ed & Training (Melbourne University)

Ann DIA Licence no 060 mobile 0425 721 249
Teaches in a automatic Corolla
Married to Denis, mother of 2 teenage girls. An ex-nurse, Ann has now been a driving instructor for 20 years. Ann has the ability to relate to her clients with a great sense of “fun” and encourages them to reach their potential without feeling any stress!

Certificate IV Driving Instruction

John DIA Licence no 2162 Mobile 0408 204 850
Teaches in manual pulsar
Father of 3 young adults, retired as a Vic Roads licence tester to become a driving instructor
An experienced caravan, 4x4 driver and bike rider.

Certificate III Driving Instruction

After some years of encouraging Leaners to gain 120 hours practice, a Log Book and 120 hours became compulsory July 2008.

10 hours of night driving must be included in the 120 hours

120 hours = 1 1/4 hours practice/week for 2 years
               = 2 12 hours practice/ week for 12 months

It is advisable to get your Learner Permit ASAP after turning 16, have a few driving lessons with an experienced instructor, and then practice as often as possible.

Denis has an automatic car wired to take an Alcohol Interlock. This provides an opportunity for all learners who are on Alcohol Interlock restrictions to take lessons with a driving instructor in a dual control car.


An innovative program developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), funded by the Federal Government.
The program seeks to develop a partnership between the learner, their supervising driver and a driving instructor.
This allows the learner becomes a more skilled and competent driver before obtaining their license and thus reduce their crash risk after obtaining their license. The goal of KEYS2DRIVE is 6 months crash free.

The KEYS2DRIVE programme includes 1 free lesson.



To book and pay for a test, to practice for the hazard perception test, to down load test criteria


Information about requirements of red P plate drivers, passenger restrictions, etc.

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Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong
Freedom Driver Education - Driving School Dandenong
driving school dandenong, advance driving classes dandenong, defensive driving courses dandenong
Selecting the correct gear,
Getting and keeping the correct 'revs'
Holding the clutch at 'friction'
Assessing and re-skilling senior drivers
Medical retests. Senior drivers often come to VicRoads attentiion due to a car crash or a medical report from a doctor or hospital. After many years of being a safe driver the senioris having to face a drive re-asssessment. Road laws and driving skills needed have changed and a few lessons with an experienced instructor can make the re-assessment time less traumatic
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